lana jayne (lanajayne) wrote in juddyfans,
lana jayne

Ok so I have 4 tickets to McFly in Wembley, I think for the Friday show but I really can't remember. Has anyone got their tickets yet? I think I might be selling a couple so if people are interested then they will either go on ebay or can arrange a price & mail me or something.

Sorry if this isn't allowed!
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ohh i'd love 2 of those.but don't have the money at the moment :(
It's not till end of Sept....could always get the money at the venue in exchange for the tickets...
oohh that'd be perfect.would that be okay to pay you at the venue then?how much would they be each anyway?
Well let me see if my friends get back to me first, but then you can have first refusal. I doubt they want to go anyway haha!
To be honest I can't remember how much they cost, was last year I bought them....don't think its more than £30 each, not sure!
It would be easier to pay at the venue I think rather than risk posting them or whatever